Want healthy ears? Limit listening to music just one hour a day

The ear is one of the most important human senses, not much different from the eyes and other senses. If the ear is not functioning properly, a person would have a hearing loss or even deafness. Therefore, no wonder if maintaining healthy ears be the thing to do by everyone every day.
One of the things that can damage hearing ability is listening to sounds that are too loud, including music. Much research has revealed that listening to music too often, especially directly through the headset or earphones can damage hearing. Recently, researchers also discuss the relation of damage ears with music.
The world health experts recommend that we limit to listen to music just one hour a day. Just listening to music for one hour a day to maintain the health of our ears and hearing ability. WHO has revealed that millions of young people at high risk of deafness as a result of listening to loud music.
Research conducted in the United States found that 40 percent of teens and young adults at risk of hearing loss due to loud noise at a nightclub, bar, or other places, as reported by the Daily Mail (27/02).
WHO added that listening to sounds above 85 decibels for eight hours or 100 decibels for 15 minutes is not very safe. Headsets usually have a volume of between 75 to 136 decibels, and most people set their volume average of between 75 to 105 decibels. In a place with loud music, usually, the average sound level is 104 to 112 decibels. Meanwhile, in concert, the average sound far above it.
The sound is too loud can cause damage to the ear sensory cells. While in the short term it can cause temporary hearing loss and tinnitus, in the long term this can cause permanent hearing loss. In addition to listening to loud noises, several other factors such as smoking and diabetes can also affect a person’s risk of experiencing hearing loss due to loud noise.
If you are among those who often listen to music too loud, good with tools such as headsets, earphones, or directly, you should begin to stop the habit now. Protect your ear health and hearing since this time before your ear damage that can not be cured.

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