4 Facts of stress that are rarely known

Often feel stressed? Do not worry, you are not alone. Many people who experience stress in his life. Of course, stress is not something foreign to most people. Some even feel the stress has become a part of their lives.
Even so, there are still some things no one knows about stress. Here are some facts about the stress that is rarely known, as reported by the Women’s Day.
1. Stress makes potbelly
Eating a lot is one of the body’s natural response when subjected to stress. unfortunately, eat a lot when stress can be bad, one of which is the cause of abdominal fat. In the end, stress can also lead to overweight and obesity. Other times when under stress, you should do something else like a walk and do not eat.
2. Stress makes old fast
Stress not only interferes with mental health but also can make you get old. The study revealed that people who often stressful looks 10 years older than those who rarely stressed. In addition, stress can make people susceptible to many diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cancer, dementia, and others.
3. Women who have been married more easily stressed
Research conducted by the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America shows that married women have a higher risk of stress than the unmarried. While when compared to men, women more often feel stress. But the good news, as we get older, the tendency of stress will decrease because of the experience they have.
4. Stress has a good effect
Not always stress is bad for the body. a study showed that the stress caused by good things, such as promotion and others, can provide positive encouragement to someone. These things are not the kind of stress that destroy but to encourage someone to put out their best qualities.
Those are some facts about the stress that is rarely known. Now you have a better understanding of the stress. Stress is not always to be avoided, which is more important to know the extent to which stress is not destructive. Seek how to cope when the stress began sustainably.

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