Obese Father Can Influence Breast Cancer on Her Daughter

We all know that obesity is simply not good for anyone. Not only can it cause various different health problems, but people who are obese do not look good, are not agile, and can easily feel tired. You should know how dangerous obesity can be for people. It is known to be one of the leading causes of death worldwide although the disease is preventable. There are many factors that can cause a person to suffer from obesity.

The main factor, of course, is a lifestyle, a person who often eats unhealthy foods and never exercise certainly have a high risk of obesity. Another factor of obesity in people is heredity, people who have parents who are obese have higher risks to become obese themselves. As a hereditary disease, obesity not only threatens to increase the factors of children getting obese as well but a study reported in the Daily Mails suggests that obesity can be linked to increased risks of breast cancer. According to the study, breast cancer is also sometimes a hereditary disease just like obesity. The study further states that a man who is obese can provide negative impact if he has a daughter. Yes, obese fathers will make his daughter have higher risks of suffering from breast cancer.

 This certainly is not good news for men who have bodyweight issues. The study found that the breast development of girls who have an overweight father and a slim mother is somewhat slower than other girls, and this is what causes the increased risk of developing breast cancer. This should be a concern for men who are overweight and are planning to have children. The research mentioned that just a few pounds of excess weight of the father will already have effects and can change the DNA of his sperm. This DNA change will then affect the health of his daughter when she is born later. This is the first actual research that is conducted to study the genes of the father.

The study was conducted by Georgetown University Medical Center and could be said to be quite revolutionary as it differentiates from other studies done in the same matter that does not focus on maternal factors. In previous studies, it was known that a mother who is obese are known to have effects on both of the conditions. Various studies have stated how being overweight during pregnancy can cause various health problems both for the mother and the baby. Mothers who have weight problem during pregnancy which are included as overweight have a high probability of giving birth to a large baby which later on may affect or increase the risks of the baby to suffer from breast cancer when they become adults.

 Tested on mice This study actually has not been tested yet on human beings. Head researcher Professor Dr. Sonia de Assis stated that the study was conducted and tested preclinically on mice. But Dr. Sonia also mentioned that the tests on human are also an option. “Indeed we did this study in mice, but this recaps on the findings in humans showing that obese men have a significant epigenetic change in their sperm compared to men who are slim,” said Dr. Sonia. The study found that in mice, the weight of the male mouse have effects on the baby mouse’s weight at birth and also during childhood.

 Besides that, it was also known that the father’s that are overweight will affect the increased risks of breast cancer of the child when they become adults. The study on these animals has proven that epigenetic changes on the sperms of the animal male adults will influence and affect the risks of cancer for their offspring in the future.

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